Time to Talk Tax Abatements

By Stacey Mosley & Jon Tehrani

Mayor Kenney’s suggestion to raise property taxes (for what would be the 5th time in 10 years) during his annual budget address a few weeks ago added fuel to the number of conversations and speculation about the future of the city’s 10 year tax abatement program.


New Construction Market Report - Philadelphia Recap

A sharp contrast has emerged in year over year growth.

2017 was a year of making the seemingly impossible, possible in Philadelphia. Lost amidst major wins, however, was a significant slowdown of the pace of growth in new construction year-over-year. Let’s dive into the numbers.


3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use FixList

Pictured: The Green Line Cafe, A Storefront Improvement Program Beneficiary - Image Source: The Green Line Cafe

Written by: Jon Tehrani

Do more with less. But how?

From small groups of neighbors to community development corporations with multi-million dollar budgets, civic focused non-profit organizations run the gamut of size, capacity, and purpose. While these entities can be quite different, they all face similar challenges of understanding and supporting their ever-changing service areas and constituents.

If you recently asked yourself one of the following questions, then this post is for you:


Philly's Current Industrial Landscape

Written by: Jon Tehrani

The transformations are beautiful.

Vacant factories - once the production sites for shoes, textiles, bicycles - revived in new incarnations as loft apartments or commercial, mixed use. With such a rich industrial history, and a population on the rise, we at FixList decided to explore the current landscape for industrial land in Philadelphia (for this report, land with an I-1, I-2, or I-3 base zoning). Where are industrial parcels located? How is the land currently being used? What trends are emerging in sales and otherwise?


Emerging Market Report - Callowhill

First came the Goldtex, then Hanover, 990, and soon the Rail Park, Target & Yards.

With each passing month, investment in Callowhill grows.

We at FixList are excited to release our latest trend report, this time in partnership with Lauren Gilchrist of JLL, focusing on the resurgence of the Callowhill area. What was once an industrial wasteland is now a rapidly changing neighborhood, and we’ve got the numbers to provide you with a lay of the land.