FixList is now Stepwise Analytics

FixList was founded in 2015 to help get vacant properties fixed up and back into productive use.

We’ve learned a great deal over the last two years, working with large for-profit investors, individual developers, non-profits supporting more affordable housing in their communities. Through all of this we’ve discovered that as a company we are capable of contributing to the real estate and financial industry in so more ways than we initially imagined.

Already, our platform:

Unsurprisingly, each of these three offerings align closely with some of our company’s core values and beliefs:

So, we gathered the core team along with industry feedback and started to brainstorm. And then brainstormed some more. Seriously, naming a company is really hard. We gathered ideas, considering everything from Syzygy to RealtorDox (not every idea is a winner) - only to realize, the name was right in front of us the entire time, embedded in what we do.

All this to say, who are we?

We are Stepwise Analytics - here to help you step wisely into your next real estate investment. Whether your are an individual or an enterprise, we provide the information you need to complement your intuition and invest with confidence.

What’s next?

New features keep coming! With the recent launch of Premium Reports and Pro Formas, you can now evaluate opportunities and create a packet for potential lenders in a matter of minutes. Learn more about how these features can help you land your next deal.

We’re also re-inventing the search side of our application to make it easier than ever to find opportunities that meet your investment preferences. Stay tuned for the launch of the new search along with our expansion to new markets later this summer.